DIY Summer Dog Treats – Pup Approved

The summer heat has been too real this year and I don’t know about you but I like something cold and refreshing after being outside for any length of time so I figured my sweet little Peyton would enjoy something like that too!


I found this super quick and easy DIY dog treat recipe on Pinterest, click here to see the original, hers are also much cuter as little paw prints!

I tweaked it a little bit, I’m never one to follow recipes exactly unless it’s baking and needs to be precise,  so of course I added a few extra spoonfuls of peanut butter and ended up using only 24 ounces of yogurt since I didn’t buy enough but it ended up working out just fine!


I snagged this cute little heart mold tray from Walmart back in February and figured it would make some sweet looking little treats. If you don’t have a mold, ice cube trays or any other sort of divided tray would work as well.

Just fill the cups and let them freeze for about 2 hours before popping one out to let your fur babe try, super easy and super yummy!

Peyton has been loving these little guys after we play outside and they’re definitely going to be a recipe I make lots more this summer!




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